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Welcome to Tom Alexander Music. Here you’ll be able to access information on my new music, upcoming gigs, and other news and events. Thanks so much for stopping by.

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Tom Alexander

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Pianist/Composer, Tom Alexander was born into a musical family. His mother, Mary, sang on the radio with her sisters during the big band era in the Washington DC area, and his father, Peter, was a devotee of classical music. His father’s younger brother, Taki, a fine jazz pianist and drummer, showed Tom how to navigate around the keyboard early on. Having grown up in his family’s movie theatre business, Tom was exposed to film and music from a very early age, and the soundtracks to movies were an early influence. Backstage, behind the theatre screen, was a piano his uncle played frequently. This piqued Tom’s interest in the instrument, and the piano soon wound up in the basement of his home. He began formal lessons at age 9, but soon grew tired of conventional music study, relying more in his ear.

He played in rock and blues bands in high school, but after being exposed to the progressive sounds of fusion jazz, his musical life changed forever.

“Once I heard Chick Corea, John McLaughlin, Herbie Hancock, Weather Report, Pat Metheny, all those guys, it was over…a total game changer,” Tom said. “I knew then that’s what I wanted to do with music.”

After his family’s theatre closed early in 1988, Tom worked in radio and television production. He continues to work in that industry to this day as a writer, broadcaster, producer, and voiceover actor. However, music is his passion. He’s scored two motion pictures, multiple commercials, and produced four albums.

He continues to compose music for solo piano and collaborative projects, as well as his band, Earth Code.


Tones From the Middle Distance Cover art

Tones From the Middle Distance (2018)

The new album from Earth Code is a tour de force of world fusion and funk. Earth Code features keyboardist, Tom Alexander, drummer/percussionist, Tommy G. Lee, and bassist, Shawn Saul at its core. Guest guitarists include Jose Ricardo Amorim, Audric Jankasukas, and Nick Ramliak, as well as vocalist/guitarist, Emilio Martinez. This new recording is power-packed with ten globetrotting original compositions blazing new trails with a tip of the cap to fusion’s golden age. 

AVAILABLE NOW on iTunes and wherever digital music is sold. 

CLICK HERE to view the liner notes.

Overbrook Avenue Cover art

Overbrook Avenue (2016)

After 12 years of working on soundtrack music, musical imaging, commercial jingles, as well as live performance, Tom returns to the studio for a brand new album. “Overbrook Avenue” is a tribute to the place where he grew up in Northeastern Pennsylvania. Originally conceived as a solo piano album, Tom expanded the sound a bit by adding rich, sonic textures via electronic keyboards. He also invited his good friend, guitarist, John Fifield, to add his musical artistry on several pieces. Comprised of 11 tracks, including seven originals, “Overbrook Avenue” harkens back to the days of Tom’s youth and the first 17 years of his life musically capturing his home, its surroundings, his family’s movie theatre, and the people who populated that time and place.


CLICK HERE to view the liner notes.

Flying Against the Time Zones Cover art

Flying Against the Time Zones (2004)

“Flying Against the Time Zones” was a project Tom had in mind for several years before assembling the group of musicians to record it. A concept album, “Flying Against the Time Zones” globetrots the planet from continent to continent, combining elements of African, Asian, and European traditional music with the sounds of the Americas yielding an electric, eclectic fusion jazz juggernaut. The album received high marks for its musicianship, memorable melodies and solos, and unexpected twists and turns.


Make December Stay Cover art

Make December Stay (2003)

“Make December Stay” was a three-piece EP recorded shortly before Christmas of 2003. Intended to be part of a larger project — a double album for the holiday season made up of originals, Tom was asked to contribute one composition. He wrote the music and lyrics over a weekend, and recorded the song the following Monday night. He assembled musical friends, bassist, Dave Wilkinson, and drummer Silverio Da Silva, to track the recording. They added vocalist, Mary Bernard, younger sister of the late Donna Summer, to sing the song.

Three versions of the piece were recorded, a piano trio with vocals and supporting keyboards, a piano, vocal duo, and an instrumental trio. The label never finished the project and therefore the album never went to market. Though “Make December Stay” was never officially released, the piano trio with vocals version is easily found on YouTube.

Cinemusique 2003 Cover art

Cinemusique (2003)

“Cinemusique” is the follow up project to “What’s Ahead?” Growing up in his family’s movie theatre business had a huge influence on Tom and his music. Many of the legendary film directors such as Federico Fellini, Woody Allen, and Ingmar Bergman served as the inspiration for “Cinemusique.” The project went through multiple incarnations, including a version where Tom played percussion, guitar, bouzouki, and melodica as well as all the piano and keyboard parts. This version was never released due to technical issues.

A very limited release of a piano-only version of “Cinemusique” was issued before the label connected with the project went out of business. Few copies are known to exist. Fortunately, Tom secured the masters and intends to release it as an EP in its solo piano form in 2018.

What’s Ahead? 2001 Cover art

What’s Ahead? (2001)

“What’s Ahead?” is Tom Alexander’s first solo piano album. It was recorded in November of 1999 and January of 2000 and was released in 2001. Originally intended to be a band album, Tom felt the pieces worked nicely as solos. Of course studio budgets are also a concern, so “What’s Ahead?” was piano only.

To his great surprise, the album received a lot of attention and excellent reviews, and was highlighted during a 20-minute interview on NPR’s Weekend Edition Sunday with Liane Hansen.

(Currently out of print; digital release due in 2018)


There will be plenty more gigs in 2018. A list will be added here soon. Stay tuned.

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